Assembling Resources for a DCC Campaign

With a nice sized group of players I'm in the process of gathering my resources for a Dungeon Crawl Classics game. With a family and job the days of creating everything from scratch are in the past but I still generally like to have my own setting and adventures, though borrowing where possible.

One of the neatest resources I've found is the set of tools developed by Purple Sorcerer Games. They've developed a set of character generators which will randomly roll up a group of four zero-level PCs, including starting background, equipment, all stats, etc. Perfect for an opening adventure. The tools also have a dice roller which has dice-rollers for all the types of dice DCC uses. Adding to its usefulness it also roll for fumbles, critical hits, corruption, spell effects, etc. It includes summaries of various rules such as aspects of combat, special abilities, etc.  Purple Sorcerer has a Kickstarter campaign to make this available as an Android and iOS app - I'd encourage all who play DCC to contribute - at the time of this writing they are about a quarter of their way to their modest goal.

Since the group is geographically dispersed we need some sort of tool for online gaming. For past campaigns I've used Fantasy Grounds but that program has no DCC rules. Therefore for this game I will be using Google+'s hangout feature with the Tabletop Forge add-on, providing tools for maps (including battlemaps if we need them), dice rolling, etc.

While not free, there are some very cheap resources available. 0One Games has a series of low-priced high-quality maps perfect for a dungeon crawl - especially if players go off the beaten path and I need a map in a a hurry.  (I've accidentally discovered that there are certain advantages to starting your name with a a number - I suspect they knew there were advantages). I also suspect I'll be raiding Lamentations of the Flame Princess for adventure ideas, settings, and other resources.

I'm sure I'm missing some but it's worth mentioning that Wikipedia, while not reliable enough for academic use, makes an excellent resource when developing a background, learning some history, getting a quick geography lesson, etc.


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