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Stepping Away and a New Beginning

After maintaining this blog for nearly seven years (an eternity in internet time), I've decided to step away from it.

When I first began I wasn't 100% certain what it would be about. For a while I thought it would be a blog related to OSR type RPGs but I found my own tastes not firmly rooted there. Looking at the history of the blog, I see a lot of Call of Cthulhu which is hardly surprising.

However, some lack of consistency definitely made it tough for me find a defined niche and over the past few months I've been giving some thought to starting a new, more narrowly focused blog. The imminent end of Google+ played a part in these thoughts, with much of my traffic coming from that site. I write because I enjoy writing, but I do enjoy growing an audience.

My plan to start a narrowly-focused blog took a turn when I had the opportunity to join the Rolling Boxcars blog. Talking with the contributors (one of whom I game with on Discord already) and going through their archives…