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My ACKS Campaign Setting

Part of the reason for my lack of posting of late has been doing actual gaming and some prep work around it. (Another part is due to family life - my eldest daughter somehow managed to have her third corneal abrasion and man do they appear painful.) One thing that might be of some interest is sharing the background to my ACKS Campaign Setting. I use lots of Google tools for my gaming and personal/family life. I've been using Google+ and Google Drive to manage my ACKS campaign and you can link to the document here . It's an expanding document - I'm trying to avoid the trap of avoiding every detail about the setting but rather keep it a place I can easily add to. I've found inspiration from a variety of sources. Autarch has given glimpses of their official Auran Empire Setting for ACKS. I'm not using that setting directly but I like a lot of what they've revealed about it so I am gladly porting much of it. I really like the implied pre-medieval/late-antiquity

New Class for ACKS: Zaharan Necromancer

After the first fatality in our Adventurer Conqueror King System game the player of our sadly departed thief asked if there was any way he could play a necromancer. I did some experimenting with the ACKS Player's Companion and came up with the following class. It's balanced per the class creation rule but with only one session so far I can't yet vouch for how well it works in play, though we had no issues in that session. The Zaharan Necromancer has some inspiration from the Death Master of Dragon Magazine 76. by Lenard Lakofka. I might try an alternate version more alchemical in nature as was that class.  The background for this class is from the version of Zaharans I'm using in our game and differs slightly from the official Autarch version. Zaharan Necromancer Class Summary Image credit: katalinks / 123RF Stock Photo Prime Requisite: INT Requirements: INT 9 Hit Dice: 1d4 Maximum Level: 11 (can continue advancing to 14 HD if becomes undead)