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RPG Review: The Big Crime

This post isn't a first impressions review of the new Spectrum Games RPG The Big Crime . A few disclaimers. The first is that while I've never met one of the authors, Cynthia Celeste Miller, she is someone who I've corresponded with a lot on Facebook and I admire a great deal. Moreover, our interests are pretty close together - 80's cartoons, comic books (especially of the Silver and Bronze ages), etc. The second disclaimer is more administrative just in case I never get around to a more full review reflecting actual play or additional details (I have some Delta Green reviews I'm meaning to do as well). Life of late has been more intense than usual. My wife's school closed down at the end of last October and being a person who has anxiety problems in the best of times, the last few months have been rough. The past week or two has seen an improvement - I've been paying more attention to my own mental health and my wife has secured a long-term sub positi

Remembering Aaron Allston

Aaron Allston passed away this past week. Allston was a prodigious game designer and author. In the roleplaying world he was best known for his work for Hero Games, TSR, along with Ghostbusters International for West End Games. He later moved on to producing fiction, best known for writing several well-received novels set in the Star Wars universe. For many in the gaming world he is best known for his Hero Games work but I was most familiar with his work for TSR, most notably being the force behind three of the most noteworthy D&D products of the late 80s and early 90 (along with several other products he wrote): GAZ1: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (1987) Dungeons & Dragons Hollow World (1990) Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia (1991) The Grand Ducky of Karakeikos  was a detailed look at the default starting area of play in the D&D "known world" (later renamed Mystara). The Hollow World  gave us a good measure of pulp with the lost civilizations o