Recruiting for a Cthulhu Game

In the summer time my gaming group had played some Dungeon Crawl Classics. The game was great fun but my attempts at using it to add new people to the group didn't pan out - with real life issues we actually seem to have lost a member.

With the group being rather small I'm attempting to switch its gears toward something which handles smaller groups better. I've mentioned previously one of my more successful campaigns has been with Call of Cthulhu and being an investigative game where firepower is of less importance that seems a natural match for where we are presently.

That said I'd still love the opportunity to add a few people to the virtual table (we play remotely using various communication tools). If you'd like to join us give me a shout - you can find links to my email on this blog and you can also reach me via Google+ or the comments.

Let me tell you a little about this campaign and the group in general. As far as the campaign goes it is set in the early 1920s, centering around New York City though we've also had adventures set in New England, South Carolina, and the American southwest. The characters are private investigators or those associated with them. These investigators have focused on the weird. That said, they have also dealt primarily with the periphery of the mythos - cultists. evil scientists and sorcerers, and lesser servitors. In Trail of Cthulhu terms we'd be on the pulp side of things (instead of purist), though I would categorize it as realistic pulp. Violence can solve problems but you'd best have a plan - three people taking on a dozen armed cultists will end badly and even three on three in a fair fight can be dangerous. Ambushes are your friends.

We've been using the 6th edition of Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu game. We meet every other Monday starting around 7:15 PM Eastern US time and play for 2-3 hours. As far as communications goes we've been using Fantasy Grounds II as our virtual tabletop and skype to communicate. Given the highly investigative nature of the game I have been contemplating switching the rules over to Trail of Cthulhu but wouldn't do that without chatting with the group. (For those unfamiliar with it, Trail of Cthulhu is very focused on the investigative nature of play).

As far as group dynamics go... To begin with, we are not an especially intense group. We're all in our thirties or forties and have families (indeed family issues is a big reason for losing people - when it comes to a choice between family or game, family of course must come first.) We all either live in Massachusetts or have lived there at one point (as the game started face-to-face). We're all involved in various techie industries in way or another. Politically we're all probably left of center. Religiously we're pretty tolerant - we've had Pagans, Atheists, and Catholics at the same table. We all seem to like science fiction and superheroes - not an odd interest for gamers I know... You don't have to match any of what I've described but it does seem fair to give a glimpse of who you'd be at the virtual table with.

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