Thoughts on the Sandy Hook School Killings

Taking a break from geeky topics to reflect on the Sandy Hook School killings. Feel free to move on to more pleasant topics in my blog such as Cthulhu, Stephen King, Dungeons & Dragons, and the like.

Reflecting on the massacre in Connecticut... I'm a proud Massachusetts boy now and always consider myself to be "from" Brooklyn. But the fact is I spent most of my childhood in Connecticut, maybe half an hour or so from Sandy Hook. I'm married to a school teacher. My brother's wife is a teacher. My mother is one. And I find myself writing the words "massacre in Connecticut".

I know there's talk as to how we shouldn't politicize the issue. But all I can think of are nearly thirty dead people, the majority of them children. Children! I read of a teacher who saved her entire class with her own life. My own wife Patty tells me that she thinks as a teacher that'd be instinctive.

I don't want to read about another massacre of kids. I don't want to ever hear how my kids' schools or my wife's school is in lockdown due to a shooter.

Something needs to change. What we are doing today is not adequate to stop well over ten thousand gun-related homicides per year in our country. I don't see how we do that without legislation. Without politics.

I don't think it is too soon. I think it is far too late.

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