Some Random Kickstarter Results

Like a lot of gamers, I support a lot of Kickstarter projects. Most of the projects I've supported have come through though I've had a few busts. I was going to make this a Google+ post but it kept getting longer and longer until I realized I'd pretty much written a blog post.

This is a bit of stream of consciousness, so don't consider it a detailed analysis. I'll get the bad news out first...

Accepting I've lost my money on two Kickstarters. As far as percentages go it's not horrible - like I said, most projects I've funded have either delivered or at the very least stayed in communication - special credit to Autarch to pulling off Dwimmermount in the face of the author vanishing on them.

The lost causes are Todor Minev's "Cthulhu and Zombie Mugs" (yeah, kinda goofy) and Jess Nevins' "The Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes". The Encyclopedia is especially disappointing as I was in it for just digital delivery of it and two already existing ebooks, Some people did receive a physical copy so it's not a matter that the product failed to be realized or even funds ran out.

Also some praise to folks who delivered.

  • Arc Dream, though often behind schedule, has always come through. 
  • Goodman Games fulfilled Metamorphosis Alpha quickly and awesomely.
  • Autarch, like Arc Dream, has some problems with dates but moved heaven and Earth to come through.
  • Ron Edwards delivered Sorcerer close to schedule and with constant communication.
  • Robin Laws' Hillfolk came out without much drama.
  • Modiphius' has been doing a fantastic job running Achtung! Cthulhu.
  • No drama from Luke Crane's Torchbearer (the Kickstarter - the RPG absolutely invites drama).
  • Kevin Crawford actually delivered Scarlet Heroes before its advertised date.
  • Chaosium came through with an overdue yet beautiful Horror on the Orient Express and so far so good on Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. Though both were well overdue they maintained constant communication. White Wolf/Onyx Path is similar with their deluxe WoD games (and they've gotten better at estimating their dates).
  • Golden Goblin Press has been extremely reliable. Tell me, have you seen the Yellow Sign?
  • I'm especially proud of supporting "The Crawler's Companion", the iOS and Android Dungeon Crawl Classics app.
  • Evil Hat's Fate Core Kickstarter was another joy to fund.
  • In the aftermath of Gamergate, I'm glad I funded Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. This is a product whose delivery has been ongoing but I'm satisfied with how it's been released - and I can't believe the vitriol and abuse Anita Sarkeesian has received.
  • The Esteren Kickstarters have been reliable. I'm a little bummed I didn't support the most recent but I've just not yet found a chance to use these beautiful games. I need more time to game...
A few projects I support are way, way behind, and I'm a bit nervous about them but the project owners have maintained contact. These include:
  • The revised Metamorphosis Alpha RPG. I've been receiving previews but November 2012 was a long time ago. It was a bit disheartening to see the Goodman Games classic Metamorphosis Alpha Kickstarter launch, get funded, and deliver while waiting for this one.
  • Miskatonic River Press' Punktown. Communications have been happening, but way overdue. 
  • Space: 1889 - looks to be getting back on track with some behind the scenes changes.
  • Mekton Zero - regular previews but pretty late. Looks like it will be beautiful.
Clearly I'm getting more than I could ever find time to play. Did I mention tons of free time (while being independently wealthy) would be awesome?

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