Remembering David Bowie

Toll the bell
Pay the private eye
All's well
20th century dies
 David Bowie, "I Have Not Been to Oxford Town", from the album 1. Outside

One of my all time favorite concert experiences was seeing Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie performing together on September 14, 1995. It wasn't the most appreciative audience. Nine Inch Nails was at the height of its popularity and the bulk of Bowie's performance was from the soon to be released album 1. Outside. My brother and I were able to get some great seats after many of the Nine Inch Nails fans left. To this day it boggles my mind that they missed out on seeing David Bowie live. It was a great show, with a transition between Nine Inch Nails' opening and David Bowie's performance. Trent Reznor and David Bowie were awesome together. My brother and I were talking about it today over twenty years later, how you had Nine Inch Nails all dark and out comes Bowie in light colors as they performed "Subterraneans" and "Scary Monsters" together.

There's tributes all over the internet today to David Bowie, who passed away yesterday after a private 18-month battle with cancer. From everyone. Musicians of all genres. Fans. Politicians. Religious leaders.

What I can say for me is his music - and his performances - brought me an incredible amount of joy. Hearing of his death was enough to bring some tears to my eyes this morning. We live in a world where if a politician dare change his views with time and experience he or she is a flip-flopper. David Bowie constantly reinvented himself yet stayed authentic the entire time. The word has lost a genius.

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