Actual Play - Blades in the Dark - The First Job

The Dragons were a new crew in Duskvol. A city of near perpetual night, much like the rest of the world, with a pitiful dawn and dusk every day. Yet life went on. Unless you hired the Dragons to end someone. That was what they did. They endeavored to keep it as quiet as possible.

Two of the small crew were on the job this night - David "Dirk" Burke and Tocker "Ogre" Helker. Ogre, unsurprisingly, was the muscle, whereas Dirk was the more subtle type of fellow.

They'd been hired by an agent by the name of "Rufus", representing some undisclosed parties on the city council. The captain of the Leviathan Hunter Billy Budd, one Tyree, was to be terminated. Ideally the ship as well should be scuttled or destroyed.

They got aboard ok - the Billy Budd was in harbor readying for a long trip and they acquired forged papers from a contact of Ogre's so they could pose as medical inspectors to do a final check of the crew's health before departure. Not required by law, but often done, as an ill crew would be less efficient - and possibly might not return - and fail to return with their precious cargo of Leviathan blood.

While their forged papers were accepted, there was quite the mixup as a second medical inspection team arrived minutes after they did. Fortunately they had had smuggled an explosive device into the hold - one which they proceeded to detonate.

In the chaos Captain Tyree and the bulk of the crew went belowdecks to put out the fire - though a bosun stayed up, one which Dirk took out, albeit after taking a beating. Ogre locked the controls of the Budd onto a collision course with Whitecrown.

Getting the fire out, Tyree came back to the bridge, to be knocked senseless by Ogre, weighted down and sent under the water. As the ship collided (ouch) with land, they joined the stream of people fleeing the sinking ship.

They received their full payment but had drawn a bit of attention in this job. Ogre got pulled in for questioning by the Bluecoats. The pair used influence and intimidation to reduce the heat on their crew. They also learned that the Billy Budd had been owned by Strangford, a member of the City Council - apparently there was a plot to weaken him, one which they had assisted in...


We're taking a bit of a break from Call of Cthulhu, with two of the PCs having had their sanity blasted so low so as to pretty much require retirement. I still need to do that final writeup. I'll also do a writeup on my opinions of Blades in the Dark at some point.


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