The Elder Gods Reign Supreme in the 2018 ENnie Awards

Taking a look at the 2018 ENnie Winners, it seems the Mythos kinda kicked ass.

By my count, products in the Cthulhu family won a dozen awards:

  • Best Adventure (Silver) - Delta Green: A Night at the Opera (Arc Dream Publishing)
  • Best Art (Gold) - Harlem Unbound (Darker Hue Studios)
  • Best Electronic Book (Gold) -Delta Green: A Night at the Opera (Arc Dream Publishing)
  • Best Game (Silver) - Delta Green: The RPG (Arc Dream Publishing)
  • Best Monster/Adversary (Silver) - Down Darker Trails (Chaosium Inc.)
  • Best Podcast (Gold) - Miskatonic University Podcast
  • Best Production Values (Gold) - Delta Green: The RPG (Arc Dream Publishing)
  • Best Rules (Gold) - Delta Green: The RPG (Arc Dream Publishing)
  • Best Setting (Gold) - Harlem Unbound (Darker Hue Studios)
  • Best Supplement (Gold) - Reign of Terror (Chaosium Inc.)
  • Best Writing (Gold) - Harlem Unbound (Darker Hue Studios)
  • Product of the Year (Silver) - Delta Green: The RPG (Arc Dream Publishing)

In addition, Chaosium collected a number of awards not related to Call of Cthulhu:
  • Best Family Product (Gold) - Khan of Khans(Chaosium Inc.)
  • Best Free Product (Gold) - Runequest: Quickstart Rules and Adventure (Chaosium Inc.)
  • Best RPG Related Product (Gold) - Khan of Khans (Chaosium Inc.)
  • Fan's Choice, Best Publisher (Silver) - Chaosium Inc.
An impressive performance - it's interesting seeing how the ENnie awards have evolved from what used to be very d20-based. I'm regrettably unfamiliar with Harlem Unbound beyond a fairly high level - though I've just remedied that via a purchase. Everything I've heard about it is superb - I love the culture of the Harlem Renaissance and also love the idea of playing African Americans in Harlem facing the Mythos - it has a certain appeal giving HP Lovecraft's own attitudes towards race. Matt Ruff's Lovecraft Country did something similar.

Seeing Chaosium perform so well is also satisfying - for so many years they were a company that could get out a single product per year if they were lucky. And Arc Dream took a big chance making their newest version of Delta Green a standalone RPG as opposed to a supplement for Call of Cthulhu. 


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