Actual Play: The Madhouse Meet

With my degree pursuit entering the home stretch, posting has been pretty anemic. But I wanted to give a very brief write-up of our first adventure playing with DCC Lankhmar. This is our playing of The Madhouse Meet from the 2016 Free RPG Day book from Goodman Games. 

Cast of Characters:
  • الموت (Almawt) - Daughter of Lankhmarts who settled in the Eastern Lands. Abandoned her designated role as a squire to study magic under Sheelba of the Eyeless Face. 
  • Ганзориг (Ganzorig) - Unlucky and dim-witted Mingol warrior, deadly with his battle axe. Challenge to speak with given his lack of speaking the common Low Lankhmarese. 
  • Phlegm - Lankhmar-native. Smuggler, independent thief who has reached an accommodation with the Thieves' Guild of Lankhmar.


The trio did not meet in a tavern. They were however all captured from the same tavern, the Heavy Lion, in the slums near the Marsh Gate of the Temple Quarter. The wizard Tulmakiz had been experimenting on transients in the slums but he needed some heartier subjects for his foul experiments. He drugged the drinks of Almawt, Ganzorig, and Phlegm and had his hairless goons drag their unconscious bodies to his base, a long-abandoned insane asylum.

Almawt and Ganzorig awoke in the same cell, chained to the walls - Almawt, identified as a wizard, was also gagged. As was her familiar, a psuedodragon. A goon fed them some gruel and departed - with the wizard Tulmakiz watching.

Ganzorig was able to break them free of their chains and bash the door open. Though they could barely understand one another, they clearly had a common purpose - escape. They wandered their way past vacant cells into their jailor's quarters - they caught him by surprise and were able to slay him - Ganzorig wielding his chains as weapons and Almawt invoking deadly icy magic missiles.

Before working their way upstairs they encountered the thief Plegm who had also been making his escape. They also found their weapons and other gear in their jailor's quarters.

Upstairs they explored, defeating a cook, a goon, and looting Tulmakiz's quarters. They found Tulmakiz in his laboratory, planning to do all manner of vile experiments upon them. After defeating him, his nearby guards fled, though they did need to do battle with a final quartet of guards who blocked their passage to the smelly streets of Lankhmar's slums.

Though they'd met through misfortune, it had been a profitable meeting. Perhaps it would be worth adventuring together in the future.

Loot of Note
  • Silver smerduks - 127
  • Gold Rilks - 132
  • Eevamarensee Green Coins - 11, worth 20 gold rilks each
  • Silver Thieves' Guild Dagger
  • Parchment written to the Overlord's Chief of Spies detailing the movements of the minor noble Baron Nayari
  • Scrolls detailing Eevamarensee pain sorcery, including Mouse's Painful Suffering
  • Four vials of Eevamarensee slumber powder - contact or ingested, DC 15 Fortitude save of sleep 2d6 hours
  • Healing ungent
  • Three vials of Eevamarensee liquid fire


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