Oota Goota?

"Han shot first!"

There's a considerable amount of fandom rage about the changes George Lucas made to the special editions of the Star Wars trilogy. None more than the cantina scene. In the original Greedo finds Han Solo, threatens him, and then gets shot. In the special edition Han and Greedo shoot their guns at each other. With Greedo somehow missing at point-blank range.

I'm probably among the youngest people to have seen the original Star Wars when it first came out in the theaters. Back when there was no "Episode IV". I don't believe the pre-Empire Strikes Back re-release had the Episode IV yet. While the Special Edition changes were the biggest, Lucas was always making tweaks. References to Biggs were changed to Wedge. C-3PO provided an explanation as to the power supplying the tractor beam. Little changes. Wookiepedia has a list of them.

It is the change 1997 change to the stand-off between Han and Greedo that generates the most anger. I think there is something to this - it is worth noting that saying "Han shot first" is not quite accurate. In the original he was the only shooter. Greedo was clearly going to shoot him and in a move that would make Malcolm Reynolds happy, Han shot Greedo before things could even get to the point Han was in any danger. We learn that Han Solo is a tough character, able to survive in a den of scum and villainy. In the Special Edition Han Solo is simply lucky that Greedo managed to miss from across the table. Han Solo has gone from a tough smuggler who had things under control to  a lucky one.

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