Go Support Golden Age Champions

High Rock Press currently has a Kickstarter going for Darren Watts's Golden Age Champions. You should go support it. It needs about $5000 more over the next two weeks to reach its $20,000 goal. 

I'll offer my own reward... Assuming no hiccups in my regular gaming, I'll run a Golden Age Champions campaign and write about the experience. It should make for interesting reading as while I've read a number of Hero products and played in a few games in college, I've never run a Hero game. Champion Complete peels away many layers of complexity from the 5th and 6th edition Hero games - fine games, but games whose crunchiness really started loading up. My impression is that while Champions Complete is based on the 6th edition of Hero, it seems to be closer to the 4th edition in complexity (the version I played a few times). I've got some Golden Age maps of Port Henry to break out - the Earth-38 version of Port Henry of course.

High Rock Press did a great job delivering the rewards for Aaron Allston's Strikeforce - I just received my physical reward this week and received frequent updates and drafts of the book as it was being developed. The 1990s versions of Golden Age Champions were well done (there were two of them as I recall). I greatly enjoy Golden Age comics - people sometimes have a view of them being all sunshiny and cheerful, but that is more true of the later Silver Age. Updates to the Kickstarter have shown a variety of practical topics that will be covered such as the impact of the war, whether to have supers participate in it, plot seeds, etc. I think it will be a fantastic book.

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