What's Distracting Me Now: Fall 2016 Edition

So we've a few Penny Dreadful Call of Cthulhu sessions under our belt right now. Our adding the pulp rules definitely add a bit of a twist - our most recent session had a character survive a blow from a Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath that would have been fatal in a non-pulp rules set.

I've got the next 2 adventures pretty much ready so of course I've been flipping through other gaming stuff on my shelves.

The Star Trek RPG playtest is coming up - we've had some thoughts of trying that out. The playtest materials should be out soon so we'll see how that looks.

The Golden Age Champions Kickstarter just funded so at some point in the future we'll be trying that out, either with the Hero rules or with another superhero rules set - the product itself will include material for Mutants & Masterminds and for Savage Worlds so should the Hero System scare me too much we'll have other options. Some Nazi punching may prove rather soothing after a stressful election season. I've always wanted to try out the Hero System but at the same time I'll confess to some intimidation. Champions Complete looks a lot more manageable than other versions I've seen but we'll see. My best guess is this would be most likely some time next year.

For whatever reason I've been reading and watching a lot of 18th and early 19th-century American history. That's had me flipping through my Colonial Gothic material as well as the Renaissance RPG, a variant of RuneQuest designed for the early modern period. I keep visualizing Arkham: 1754. There's supposed to be a Colonial Lovecraft Country from Sixtystone Press for Call of Cthulhu but I don't think I've heard an update on that for at least a year.

There's a new Star Wars movie coming out in a month. We'd been talking about giving the Minos Cluster folks positions in the Rebel Alliance at some point...

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