Other Things Distracting Me, Late 2016 Edition in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away

I noticed I've been flipping through my Star Wars books over the past few days, both the old West End Games resources and the newer Fantasy Flight Games ones.

Must be a new Star Wars movie coming out.

It's been about a year since I played a Star Wars game so the stars could be right for that this winter. But it seems I really need to be independently wealthy to have time for lots of campaigns. I'm a bit jealous of those people who are able to participate in or, in some cases, even run, multiple campaigns.

I've written about the original D6 Star Wars system a number of times and had a chance to explore its predecessor, Ghostbusters, this summer. It's far from a perfect system but it has the virtue of being incredibly easy to play. Fantasy Flight Games' versions of Star Wars is a lot more crunchie than the D6 incarnation - in my experience prepping takes a bit longer, though it does make for some rather interesting characters.

Oddly, while I played the numerous Wizards of the Coast versions of Star Wars, those aren't any consideration in my mind for a game. Not that I dislike them - I had a lot of fun with them, but I find these other two versions fit my gaming style nowadays better.

What sort of game? Well with Rogue One coming out and it being years since I did a "traditional" Star Wars game, fighting against the Evil Galactic Empire seems a neat thing to do...


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