Dresden Files Accelerated Lives!

Much to my surprise I received a Kickstarter update for the Fate Core Kickstarter, completed and delivered years ago. It was a link to the near-final draft of Dresden Files Accelerated.

The Dresden Files RPG was, to the best of my knowledge, the final Evil Hat Fate release prior to Fate Core. After having read Fate Core I was, in some ways, a bit disappointed that Dresden Files came first - it is an awesome game but very much on the crunchy side. Fate Core simplified things greatly and Fate Accelerated even more so. I had initially questioned whether Fate Accelerated would work as a full game but the Young Centurions RPG showed what an amazing system it could be.

I've only just begun digesting Dresden Files Accelerated but my early impression is this the Fate game I've been waiting for. One of my favorite settings with a much lighter rules system than the original Dresden Files RPG. Don't misunderstand me on the original Dresden Files RPG - it is an amazingly well done product (and a blast to read), but as someone who has had a bit of a tough time trying to grok Fate, it is not the right gateway product for me.

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