Campaign No-Prize - Yelsain in the Clone Wars

I don't believe Marvel still does it, but I remember at least as late as the 1980s Marvel would give out No-Prizes. A No-Prize was an envelope indicating it contained a No-Prize, mailed to the winner. It was an empty envelope... How could you get a No-Prize? It was given for finding an error in a comic but then explaining how it wasn't really an error.

In this week's Star Wars game the characters spent time on the forest world of Yelsain in the Minos Cluster. I've presented Yelsain as a Libertarian paradise - no real laws, though everyone is real polite and well-armed. I explained in the game how they fought for freedom from the Republic on the side of the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Made sense.

Then I went over my notes from the previous campaign which had been set in the Minos Cluster:
During the Clone Wars Yelsain remained loyal to the Republic, despite the bulk of the sector breaking away. The Separatists “conquered” Yelsain numerous times, each time discovering Yelsain impossible to govern. The people of Yelsain hate the Empire and make no secret of that fact. They refuse to pay taxes to the Empire. The Empire collects a 20 percent import and export tax to make up for this lost revenue, though there is constant rumbling about trying to collect at gunpoint. 

So how to reconcile? Well, I never contradicted the fact they hated the Empire. But how to explain pro-Separatist attitude of Yelsain in the previous adventure?

Well, the Libertarian paradise that is Yelsain seems to allow this - indeed, my notes refer to them as practically anarchists. It seems to reason that Yelsain could have been on both sides during the Clone Wars. While for the most part it was considered a Republic world, both sides could lay claim to its loyalty, with a shadow government on Yelsain pledging allegiance to the Separatists. This happened in the American Civil War, with Kentucky being represented in both the Union and Confederate Congresses.

See, not a mistake. I meant to do it what way...


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