FAE Star Wars Actual Play: Operation Shadowstrike

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
Star Wars: Tales of Rebellion
Episode IV: Operation Shadowstrike

The Rebel operative code-named Prodigal One has crashed in his Y-Wing on the planet NCW-781. This agent had been gathering intelligence information about double-agents embedded within the Rebel Alliance.

Gaven Stark, Marcus Doha, and R2-C4 have been dispatched on a U-Wing fighter to NCW-781 to retrieve Prodigal One's information and, if possible, the agent as well. While the Alliance has managed to distract an imperial Strike cruiser into leaving the system, elite Imperial Deathtroopers are searching for Prodigal One.

To evade detection as long as possible, the team must risk a high-altitude drop and fly to the surface in stealth-enhanced combat paragliders...

Cast of Characters:

  • R2-C4 - Rogue Imperial assassin droid
  • Gaven Stark - Idealistic former Imperial army officer
  • Marcus Doha - Veteran Clone Trooper who has lived an active life since the Clone Wars
Based on the adventure "Operation: Shadowstrike" by Eric S. Trautmann in Star Wars Instant Adventures. Note that this is a bit of a brief writeup. A little bit more can be found at Fate Lessons #2 - Tossing Death Troopers off the Cliff.

Scene 1: The Drop

The drop was a bit on the hair-raising side what with the air being incredibly thin, a dim moonlight their only light source, and needing to drop several kilometers before the repulsorlift enginges could be engaged - all while evading Imperial sensors. They made it down to their landing point with only a few scrapes and began the several hours walk to the Y-wing's crash site.

Scene 2: Deathtroopers

As they walked between two low cliffs they saw above them a trio of dark-suited Deathtroopers on patrol. R2-C4 continued forward to provide a distraction while Doha circled behind them and Stark attacked from the side. With the advantage of surprise they managed to take out the troopers, though poor C4 got a bit banged up.

Scene 3: Escape

The trio reached the trapped Y-wing and found a message with Prodigal One's location, encrypted with an Alliance code. They found him hiding in some nearby caves and took him to the nearby pickup point just as the sun began rising. However, seeing an Imperial Floating Fortress crashing into the pickup point they sprinted to the alternate point, battling more Deathtroopers and COMPNOR CompForce soldiers. The CompForce soldiers were far easier to deal with, having been trained more in enforcing the ideals of the New Order than in fighting... Banged up, they managed to hold off the Imperials long enough to be picked up by their U-wing and escape back to the Rebel Base on Yavin IV...


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