Wayward Kickstarters May 2017 Edition

I was updating my backed projects on Kickstarter with projects I've received and I decided it was time to do an update as to what projects are way overdue...

First, the good news. There were some Kickstarters over the past several months that I finally received overdue rewards on. These include:

Next, the products for which I've not yet received the full set of awards and are considerably overdue. In some cases I've received some of the rewards and also many times I'm still pretty confident of a happy outcome.
  • Gallery of Evil - Due in February 2013. I have the PDF for this supplement to Capes, Cowls, and Villains Foul but the physical book is considerably overdue. I'm foggy on the prognosis of closure - Spectrum Games is still a going concern and shipping other products but the last communication on this was November 2016.
  • Punktown: An RPG Setting for Call of Cthulhu® and BRP Gaming - Due in August 2013. There is still communication on this claiming progress is being made and the PDF should be available "in weeks". Unfortunately similar updates had been made previously. It's a pity as Miskatonic River Press had done some fantastic Call of Cthulhu work.
  • Mekton Zero - Due April 2014. I suspect R. Talsorian massively underestimated their resources. Updates continue and I do believe this will get finished, though I suspect it's still a long way to go...
  • Call of Cthulhu: The Writhing Dark - Playing Cards and Tarot - Due April 2014, last update August 2016. I suspect this is money lost.
  • Promised Sands for Sixcess Core - Due February 2014, updates continue. I suspect it will come out at some point, though like Mekton Zero, I'm not expecting it any time soon.
  • Raiders of R’lyeh: Horror Adventure RPG and Mythos Sandbox! - Due February 2014. I've received some digital content but no signs of the final product. Last update December 2016. I've a bad feeling about ever getting this.
  • TimeWatch: GUMSHOE Investigative Time Travel RPG - Due November 2014. It was hit by delays and stretch goal creep. I have all of the digital rewards and all but one of the physical which is being readied for release. Communication has for the most part been good, though there was a period of silence at one point. Though I'm unhappy with the delays I don't regret backing this.
  • World War Cthulhu: Cold War for the Call of Cthulhu RPG - Due April 2016. Hit by a number of stretch goals, though even with that, pretty overdue. Thankfully the core and first supplement have been released both digitally and physically. Pretty sure the remainder will be delivered. Really would like the Our American Cousins sourcebook...
  • Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City - Due March 2016. I've received digital rewards and it is apparently printed and en route to USA. 
  • Tales of the Caribbean - Due June 2016. I've received most of this, with a final supplement still in production. Communication regular.
  • Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game - Due March 2016. Hit by a ton of stretch goals. I've received the Agent's Handbook. Updates are regular. Arc Dream has a tendency to be late but produce awesome products.
Note that I'm not considering 7th Sea - 2nd Edition late. It smashed through goals but it was always understood the goals would be released on a schedule. The core boo and first supplements are out and sneak previews are being given for work under development. 


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