3d6x6 Character Generation

For the first time in a while my group rolled up some OSR characters as Krom intended, 3d6 assigned in order. We actually did a slight variation - with two characters per PC we rolled four sets of stats with each player picking two. Purple Sorcerer's DCC Character Generation Tools proved handy for this, even with us playing Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea.

What I noticed is it led to some interesting choices. I'd grown a bit used to later character generation styles where characters can be optimized fairly perfectly. With this method I'm seeing characters whose prime requisite are not their highest stats. A character with a high Constitution, decent Dexterity, but a mediocre Strength might still be made as a Fighter.

First level characters are pretty fragile in OSR games, so it's often best not to get too attached to them. Character generation didn't take too long - not lightning quick, though for all of this these were our first AS&SH characters - I suspect if replacement characters become needed we'll be a lot faster.

I've not seen the new characters in play yet, but I'm finding that I like the idea of compromised characters, where not everything is perfect.

[Just to head off some likely corrections - AS&SH does some funky stuff with spelling, like having Kthulhu instead of Cthulhu, so I decided for Krom instead of Crom...)


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