FAE Star Wars Actual Play: The Hunt for Admiral Bayran Part II

[Part 1]

Cast of Characters:

  • R2-C4 - Rogue Imperial assassin droid
  • Gaven Stark - Idealistic former Imperial army officer
  • Marcus Doha - Veteran Clone Trooper who has lived an active life since the Clone Wars
Scene 3: The "Rescue"

Admiral Bayran had a small treetop estate that was under assault from a small force from the Imperial Sentinel landing craft - an AT-ST, a small squad of stormtroopers, ISB Agent Kerrin Malloch, and Malloch's prisoner, the Twi'lek criminal Tel Akuna.

The three managed to distract the Imperials with a combination of explosions, fire, and blaster fire. R2-C4 used its rockets to fly up to the estate and "retrieve" Bayran - the aging Rodian was not enthusiastic to be rescued, but a blaster (set for stun) helped convinced him. There was a bit of chaos as Doha's granddaughter, bored with waiting in the ship, was checking out the battle and was nearly in the line of fire, but she was retrieved without injury. Most of the stormtroopers were slain, though Malloch and Akuna did get away.

Scene 4: The Hidden Shipyard

After a period of enhanced interrogations and negotiations, Bayran was persuaded to give the coordinates for his hidden shipyard - a large rogue planetoid in the Karterus Nebula in the Minos Cluster. Rather than report back to Senator Organa they flew on to the the shipyard - if they could reactivate a Separatist warship they might be able to destroy the Magistratus before it could devastate Shesharile 5 (Stark was a fan of bold actions that would get him noticed).

Bayran explained the problem was a droid had been left in command of the shipyard - IG-100-K3. It might be a bit finicky after over 15 years. As it turned out, it was on the homicidal side. They managed to trim the odds significantly when R2-C4 hacked into the the computer control and took over the basic battle droids. They did have to engage K3 but in the end were triumphant. With that accomplished, they reactivated and reprogrammed a Trade Federation Battleship in relatively good repair and went on to Shesharile 5 where it did indeed destroy the Magistratus. It was unclear if another Star Destroyer would return to complete its mission but at least they had bought the world some time. And they had a shipyard just waiting to produce warships for the Rebellion...


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