Fate Accelerated - Thoughts After Two Star Wars Sessions

Owing to winter storms, sicknesses, and internet outages I've not gotten as much gaming as I'd like to have this calendar year. However, we've managed to generate some Fate Accelerated Star Wars characters and completed a single two-session adventure. Next game is in a few days, probably a one-session adventure.

I've not achieved perfection in running Fate Accelerated, but I'm definitely getting the hang of it. Unlike my earlier attempts with Fate, aspects are getting used frequently and there are frequent spends of Fate points. So far it has primarily been player character aspects that are getting used plus consequences so an item to work on is getting situational aspects in play as well. However, this is quite an improvement from my earliest attempts which saw minimal aspect use.

I was a bit worry that approaches would be a difficult mechanic for us to grok - mechanically it's straightforward enough, where the way you do something takes precedence over a skill list - but it's worked pretty well. All the characters are reasonably competent as a result - if there's something they want to do, I generally let them try it. A nice feature of this is when there is a challenge, the players don't all look at their sheets to see who has the highest rating in a given skill.

Right now my plan is for several more Star Wars adventures as we get greater familiarity with the system. I'm itching at some point to play some Dresden Files Accelerated or going back to Dungeon Crawl Classics at some point, but I want to get some more mileage out of Star Wars and work out any mental kinks I might have with this system. Plus we need to get to the destruction of Alderaan...


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