Back From Disney

There was a bit of a delay in my normal update cadence due to the family vacationing in Walt Disney World in Orlando. Alas, it is time to come back to the real world - especially as such vacations seem to directly attach themselves to one's finances...

I know a number of people aren't big fans of Disney World as it isn't "real". I can absolutely understand that criticism, though I suppose the escape from reality is much of the appeal we find in the trip. According to my handy Gear S3 watch we walked a few gazillion miles and despite eating rather well I seem to have dropped a few pounds (albeit with a number of pounds to go).

As a gamer, I find lots of shiny stuff when I go on vacations - visiting Colonial Williamsburg, for example, gives me all sorts of ideas for games set around the American Revolution. One thing that Disney World does is present illusions. Walking through Star Tours and one feels one is preparing to board a Star Wars spaceship. Daughter Jasmine and I waited to meet with Kylo Ren and Chewbacca - Kylo was surprisingly intimidating.

A visit to Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom provides the feel of a future as was seen in the earlier years of science fiction - EE Smith's Lensman characters would feel quite at home with the aesthetic found there.

The Frontierland and Adventureland areas of Magic Kingdom also provide inspirations - from Pirates of the Caribbean for the Golden Age of Piracy to the Old West feel of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Animal Kingdom has the feel of 1920s and 1930s pulp adventures -from the Everest Expedition roller coaster (where I think my youngest was trying to kill me...) with its yeti to the feel of adventures in the wild in Kilimanjaro Safaris to time traveling to meet dinosaurs...

Obviously we didn't make the trip for gaming inspirations - it was a great time away from the "real world" with family - a chance to be goofy - and a chance to meet with Goofy...


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