FAE Star Wars Actual Play: Gallisport Recruitment

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
Star Wars: Tales of Rebellion
Episode II: Gallisport Recruitment

Having captured the Clone Wars-era shipyard of Admiral Bayran, the Rebellion is searching for a worthy person to convert the Separatist yard to production of Rebel craft.

Reviewing intelligence data with their sponsor Bail Organa on Alderaan, our freedom fighters discover that the woman they want may be in the system they just departed - in the city of Gallisport on Shesharile 5. There, Rayne Toruna, an aging Twi'lek engineer, leads a swoop gang known as the Mynocks.

During the Clone Wars, Toruna was one of Kuat Drive Yards lead engineers, having created the Delta-7 and A-Wing fighters. She left KDY after seeing what the Empire was using her creations for. If Toruna could be persuaded to join the Rebellion, the Separatist Shipyard could soon be producing fighters for the Rebellion against the Evil Galactic Empire...

Cast of Characters:

  • R2-C4 - Rogue Imperial assassin droid
  • Gaven Stark - Idealistic former Imperial army officer
  • Marcus Doha - Veteran Clone Trooper who has lived an active life since the Clone Wars

Scene 1: Gallisport Arrival

Our heroes arrived on Gallisport in a modified Firespray-31 patrol ship, the Unseen Servant. Gallisport was not much of a port these days, with its population half of what it once was during the industrial boom years before the Clone Wars. It now had next to no Imperial presence, with the Imperial Star Destroyer Magistratus having recently been destroyed - but not before most Imperial personnel had been evacuated, in preparation for a brutal bombardment that hadn't happened. The population was nervous while waiting to see if another Star Destroyer would complete this mission.

Doha took his granddaughter with him, not wanting to leave her aboard their ship. This proved to not much safer, as their droid taxi was visited by members of one of the Mynock's rival swoop gangs, the Spiders, who attempted to collect a "toll". However, Doha recognized the poor upkeep of their swoops and convinced their leader, the cybog Zaran, they were too dangerous prey - and pointed out to them a relatively unprotected Imperial shipment that had landed shortly after they had.

Scene 2: The Mynock Bar

Our heroes were able to find Rayne Toruna at the Mynock's Bar. She proved willing to strike a blow against the Empire, though she insisted they do something for her first. Her lieutenant, Mara Berus, had been captured trying to infiltrate the Imperial Communications and Records Tower on the outskirts of the city. The rest of the Imperial garrison had been abandoned but this tower still was occupied and she was being held at a detention block in its basement. Berus was trying to determine if the Magistratus' plans for bombardment had been ordered by the Empire or if they had been acting on their own initiative. Toruna needed that information and her lieutenant liberated.

Scene 3: The Comm Tower

Though part of a garrison, the Communications and Records Tower was now largely isolated, with much of the garrison bombed and burned. Doha scaled it, climbing to the top level walkway while R2-C4 and Stark made use of jetpacks and similar accouterments. Doha was a bit more merciful in his taking out of Imperial troopers, though they did manage to retrieve the needed information - the captain of the Magistratus had been operating on his own initiative, trying to convince Governor Tarkin of how impressive he could be... 

C4 attempted to bring up the lift, an effort that did not go well, given much of its astromech circuitry had replaced by assassination protocols. With an alarm blaring, it sent a grenade down the lift shaft, destroying the stormtrooper team headed up to deal with them.

The detention block in the basement (reached by climbing down the smoking shaft) proved a dangerous destination - though they made it through a pair of bored guards who barely flinched at another explosion, beyond were well-organized stormtroopers commanded by Major Tallus, an Imperial officer who Stark had once had brought up on charges of accepting bribes - and in so doing, sabotaging his career.

R2-C4 filled the room with smoke, providing cover and the heroes made fairly short work of the stormtroopers. Tallus, a master with the force pike, proved a more difficult challenge. Though they were eventually victorious, they were quite bloodied, with Stark emerging with a shattered nose. Tallus being unconscious but not dead, they took him prisoner as they rescued Berus.


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