What's Distracting Me in RPGs - April 2017 Edition

The good news is I'm still giving thought to the current Fate Accelerated Star Wars game. May 4th is close and it'd be a massive shame to not be playing Star Wars close to it. I'm thinking of ways to tie into Rogue One, perhaps having the characters be meeting with Bail Organa as he readies Alderaan for war, only to find themselves on the run from a space station the size of a small moon... To be honest, I've still a number of ideas and there's a request for some space battles in the game (which I've shied away from thus far).

We did take a break for this week's session - having just come back from Disney World there was no way I'd be prepped so a member of the group ran a session of No Country For Old Kobolds. I'm pleased to say my first Kobold, LeFou Gaston, died a heroic death, killing two flying turtles after being launched from a giant spork (alas he and the second flying turtle mainly died from falling...)

I've been digesting Dresden Files Accelerated - our Star Wars game has really made me appreciate what can be done with Fate Accelerated and if I were to bet on our next game, this is high up there. I've also been rereading Lev Grossman's Magicians novels and been watching the tv series based on them.

For whatever reason I've been thinking about westerns lately - most notably, Kenzer and Co.'s Aces & Eights, for which they are doing a Kickstarter for a 2nd edition. The 1st edition is a gorgeous game, albeit one I've never had the chance to play but would like to. It is extremely crunchy, though in a way I like and fitting well with the genre. For example, combat is broken down into units of a tenth of a second, making decisions like whether to fire off a quick but inaccurate shot vs. taking longer to aim critical.

I've also been thinking about Lankhmar-style games - I'm rather looking forward to the Dungeon Crawl Classics release of it but that is over a year away.


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