#RPGaDay 2017 Day 5 - Which RPG Cover Best Captures the Spirit of Its Game

For me the RPG cover that best capture the spirit of its game is from the game that got me into the hobby - the Erol Otus D&D Basic Set cover. The treasure. The weird environment. The bold adventurers. And the dragon emerging from the water. It was very clear what the game was all about. 

I've two close runner-ups. The first is the first edition AD&D Players Handbook. Like the Otus drawing above, it captures what the game is all about. These aren't necessarily heroes, they're after the gemstone eyes.

Finally, Call of Cthulhu has had some great art. My own favorite is the cover to the third edition.We've got a mysterious castle/house the investigators are approaching. These aren't hardened warriors. Even without the slithering horror it's a creepy scene, full of menace.

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