#RPGaDay 2017 Days 14-17 - Catching Up From Vacation

I just spent a few days with my eldest daughter in New York City and was way too exhausted to write at night... So here goes a super-quick catch-up...

Day 14 - RPG For Open-Ended Campaign Play

I like Call of Cthulhu for an open-ended campaign. While characters do advance, they tend not to ever get so powerful that they have nothing to fear. Indeed, as characters learn more magics they may find themselves close to insanity. Death, insanity, and retirement take many characters out of play but it is possible to add replacement characters to a group, to the point where there may be no original characters yet the campaign continues.

Day 15 - RPG I Enjoy Adapting the Most

I've done well using Fate for Star Wars and I've begun thinking of other ways it could be adapted.

Day 16 - RPG I Enjoy Using As-Is

I've found Call of Cthulhu works incredibly well as it is. It fits its genre well and has begun adding dials to make for pulp style experiences.

Day 17 - RPG I've Had the Longest Without Playing

While there's a few I can think of, the two main ones I can think of are Mage: The Ascension and Werewolf: The Apocalypse. I've had some Vampire: The Masquerade game play but I've never gotten around to a Werewolf or Mage game.


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