Adventure Writeup: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh Part Two

Based on the TSR adventure of the same name written by Dave J. Browne and Don Turnbull. Tweaked to fit in the Hyperborean setting.

Year 576 (Tempest), Month II, Day 26
Cast of characters:

  • Aaron Cèampach, Kelt Warlock
  • Hoom Feethos, Hyberbrean Thief
  • Morrow, Pict Druid
  • Saratos Ochôziakos, Ixian Fighter
  • Sarukê thugatêrOchôziakos, Ixian Witch
  • William "Billy" Welsh - Common Human Pyromancer
Henchmen hired by Saratos and Sarukê:

  • Tai, Medium Infantryman
  • Zell, Heavy Infantryman

Random tied-up dude found in the upper floor of the house:
  • Ned Shakeshaft, "thief" (or is he?)

See also Part One.

Peeking their heads up in the attic the adventurers didn't find anything of interest (and in so doing, avoided a nest of stirges hiding up there) and went down to the basement. The basement was a wine cellar, though alas all the bottles and casks were broken. Investigating a dead body, Tai was infested by a rot grub which, despite Billy's pyromancy, proceeded to kill him. Searching further, they found a secret door. Ned advised caution but our adventurers were made of sterner stuff. 

Unfortunately at this point they discovered Ned was an assassin hired to stop their explorations. A poison dagger finished off both Hoom Feethos and Zell before they were able to take him out.

The secret door opened into a barracks style room, clearly in active use. A small room off of it led to the leader's room, apparently an illusionist of moderate power, one Sanbalet. They found sea charts and a schedule of rendezvouses with a ship called the Sea Ghost, along with a series of signaling instructions - it was becoming apparent the house was actually "haunted" by smugglers. Another side door near Sanbalet's vacant room was marked "Danger". The diminished party decided to not seek out that danger...

They did take a door that led to a series of caverns. Sarukê sent her bat familiar to scout around and Aaron took the potion of invisibility to join the bat. They discovered the caves held a variety of goods, apparently contraband avoiding taxes. The caves led to a cave that connected to the sea and held a jolly boat. Moving the contraband were a group of smugglers, led by a man they assumed was Sanbalet along with a small group of hyena-men - gnolls in their own tongue. By careful waiting they were able to put almost all to sleep via Sarukê's sleep spell and Aaron and Billy unloaded magic on the remainder. They captured Sanbalet and learned about the operation - including one on the council made use of it. They then eliminated them and made plans to take it over for themselves...


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