Star Wars Actual Play: Takeover at Whisper Base

Based on the adventure of the same name in the Age of Rebellion Beginner Game

Cast of Characters:

  • Athena Ellia, Twi'lek Scout and Force Sensitive Emergent
  • Bobar Kane, Human Commando
  • Rik Corruss, Human Saboteur
Setting: The planet Onderon, shortly after the Battle of Yavin

Objective: Rebel Intelligence has learned that Imperial Moff Dardano has built a secret listening post in the jungles of Onderon - Whisper Base. This base was not for use against the Rebellion but was rather intended for use against his rival, Admiral Corlen. Not even the Empire knew of it. The Rebel Alliance has sent a small commando team to secure the base as a forward Rebel base. They must cut off its link to a communications bunker and prevent any Imperials from escaping by shuttle.

Capsule Summaey
  • In the entry garage, the Rebels cut the communications link and dealt with a group of Imperial security personnel that responded to the cut cable.
  • The Rebels deactivated an old Clone Wars era droid that was cleaning the garage for fear it would notice the dead soldiers.
  • The Rebels, with the help of grenades, killed sentries guarding the shaft leading to the shuttle hangar.
  • In the hangar the Rebels sabotaged the shuttle to prevent it from taking off. It did attract the attention of more guards, dealt with with a final grenade.
  • To get into the communications/control room, the Rebels had to fight their way past stormtroopers. Afterwards they had to be patched up from the firefight.
  • In the control center they discovered the commander of the base, Lt. Sarev, had escaped down a secret tunnel. Ellia secured the control center while Kane and Korrus pursued on speeder bikes.
  • Not familiar with the intricacies of vehicular combat, the pair were knocked off their bikes by attacking scout troopers on their own bikes. They managed to defeat the troopers and take one of their bikes to continue the pursuit.
  • The Rebels were able to kill Sarev when his head popped out of the AT-ST's hatch as he reached the communications bunker.


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