FAE Luke Skywalker

I've been giving some thought to Fate Accelerated and Star Wars. As an exercise I've tried a build of Luke Skywalker as of Episode IV. As I went through the building process it became clear there's an infinite number of ways to build a character in Fate but I overall am ppleased with the build I came up with:

Luke Skywalker (Episode IV)

  • High Concept: Farm boy seeking to be a hero
  • Trouble: Over my head off the farm
  • Other: Best bush pilot in the outer rim territories, learning to trust the Force, my father’s lightsaber


  • Careful: +1 (Average)
  • Clever: +1 (Average)
  • Flashy: +3 (Good)
  • Forceful: +2 (Fair)
  • Quick: +2 (Fair)
  • Sneaky: +0 (Mediocre)


  • Because I am learning to trust the Force, gain +2 when I carefully attack
  • Room for 2 more at three refresh

Refresh: 3

For aspects, I tried to think what Luke was like in Episode IV. His high concept is that of a dreamer. He wants more to life than what he has on the farm - moreover, he wants to be a hero. Never his mind on where he is or what he is doing. However, his trouble comes from the fact he often stumbles - in Mos Eisley Obi-Wan has to bail him out and on the Death Star he has a bit of tendency to not think far enough ahead. For his other aspects, I wanted to make certain he had an aspect to represent what a talented pilot he was. He's no Jedi but he's beginning to get a feel for the Force. And an aspect for his father's lightsaber gives both an equipment-based aspect as well as representing what an important void exists in his life by the idealized version of his father he begins to picture.

Approaches were a little bit tricky. Flashy seemed to be his most important aspect - he wants to be bad-ass. From the radio drama we know he liked to show off his flying skills. I would imagine in later films this would no longer be his most important aspect, but for the time being it is. Sneaky seemed to be his least important aspect. Luke tends to stick out obviously wherever he is. He attracts attention in Mos Eisley and even when disguised as a stormtrooper Princess Leia sees through his disguise immediately. Forceful and Quick seemed good fits for his +2 approaches - Luke is not subtle, despite his complaining to Han about the noise they make early in their Death Star infiltration. Quick seemed a reasonable supplement to his piloting. FInally, Careful and Clever by default got the +1s.

As far as stunts, I decided to give him just one - a +2 bonus when using the Force to attack carefully. I'm not too certain about this one, but it seemed to reflect how Luke uses the Force (like blowing up the Death Star). I might also give him that bonus for defending as well as a second stunt, reflecting his practice with the remote. Careful is far from his greatest approach, but it gives him an additional way to act beyond the obvious ones.

If I were to describe the final shot Luke made that blew up the Death Star I would suggest that Luke used his stunt to attack a round after succeeding with style in creating an advantage (with learning to trust the Force), giving him an overall +6 in his attack roll to hit the exhaust port.


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