Prepping My First Fate Accelerated Star Wars Game

Assuming all goes well we'll be trying out a Star Wars game using Fate Accelerated for our next game session.

This has been a rather busy two weeks - the new semester has started for my part-time pursuit of my Master's, my wife is taking an advanced course in pursuit of her professional teaching license (she currently has her initial license), I've begun a new role at work, and took my daughter to her first political protest. I had a lot less time to prep for this adventure than I normally do.

So what have I learned? Fortunately, it looks like prepping a Fate Accelerated (and presumably a Fate adventure in general) doesn't seem to involve as much statting up of characters. Given stat generation is incredibly quick in Fate (making the major NPCs took maybe a minute each) what I realized is I've a bit more freedom to allow my players to run off the beaten path and adapt on the fly.

What I am nervous about is getting the flow of Aspects and Fate Points right. That's been where I've had the most problems in the past.


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