#RPGaDay2015 Day 13 - Favorite RPG Podcast

Well this is a bit odd since I'm not a huge podcast listener, though a number of players in my group are and I've listened to quite a few on their recommendations.

I think my favorite would have to be The Good Friends of Jackson Elias. First of all it's a super-awesome name, referencing the fictional writer whose fate triggers the classic adventure Masks of Nyarlathotep. Moreover, I really enjoy the way they do their podcasts - the interaction of the hosts is enjoyable, it's not updated at such an insane rate that trying to keep up is impossible (though I'm pretty awful at keeping up), and you can definitely pick and choose episodes to listen to. They've a nice variety of subject matter - focused on the Call of Cthulhu RPG but delving into similar RPGs (like the excellent and underrated Hot War RPG) and discussion of various Mythos fiction, horror films, etc. The topic matter varies but it tends to match extremely well with my own interests. (So thanks guys for customizing your podcast just for me, apologies for not catching every episode!)

I don't catch it as much but I have enjoyed a number of episodes of the Miskatonic University Podcast. It's format is a bit more like that of a radio show, with each episode covering a number of topics and discussing things going on in the world of Cthulhu Mythos RPGs. (And there's a decent amount of back and forth between the two podcasts, with people from one popping up on the other). They also do a bunch of actual play recordings - I have to confess to usually avoiding actual play recordings, mainly because I'm kinda horrified what someone hearing a recording of one of my games would be like. ("Gee Dan, I think that joke about the monkeys would be old on the 35th iteration...")

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