#RPGaDay2015 Day 5 - Most recent RPG purchase

You'd think this'd be an easy question. Most recent RPG I paid money for, even if I've not yet received it in the mail? Most recent I've taken possession of? Something else?

Hey, I get to answer in multiple ways.

Most most recent purchase is an order of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars:Force and Destiny RPG Core Rulebook and Gamemaster Kit. Of course looking at my order status I see it as "Pending Shipping". C'mon folks, let's get this puppy out the door and to my house. In all honesty, I'm not certain how much use I'll get out of this book in the short-term - though my Edge of the Empire game does have a quixotic Jedi in it and we use the Force Sensitive specialization from that book for him. But I'd like to keep this campaign going for a while and I'd love to get some Force action in the game at some point. With the new movie coming out this December I'm really hoping to stave off the dreaded GM ADD.

I did just yesterday get a Kickstarter fulfillment in the form of the Feng Shui RPG. I'm not a massive fan of Hong Kong action films (not that I have anything against them) but there's just something bad-ass about a game that absolutely encourages you to grab two pistols and open fire while you are diving out of the way of gunfire. I'm not 100% sure I'll get use out of this game, though I'd love to give it a whirl at some point. Now if Robin Laws could snag the full rights to Feng Shui's predecessor, Nexus: The Infinite City and do an update of that.... That'd be something I'd have to find a way to play.

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