#RPGaDay2015 Day 6 - Most recent RPG played

Today's entry is a bit easier for me to answer straight. The most recent RPG I've played (and the next one I'll play) is Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. For May the 4th I ran a one-shot Star Wars game (using the West End Games d6 system). It was rather fun and we wound up turning it into a campaign, though we are using the Edge of the Empire system for the campaign. The game is set around four years before the events of Star Wars: Episode IV - the Rebel Alliance is in the process of coming into being but for the time being, a being has to earn a credit. We've got a quixotic Jedi, an Ewok demolitionist, a bounty hunter, a former pirate, and a rabble-rousing droid. I'm raiding my extensive West End Games Star Wars collection to give me inspiration and resources - our game is set in a modified version of a pre-Vampire Mark Rein-Hagen's Minos Cluster, from the Tramp Freighters Galaxy Guide.

Amusingly the first few days of this #RPGaDay experiment looked like it would be a Fate love-fest but I see Star Wars is now getting some love.

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