#RPGaDay2015 Day 30 - Favorite RPG Playing Celebrity

This is a bit of an odd topic that I'd not normally give  a lot of consideration to - gaming celebrities. There's a number of celebrities who have been known to show up in World of Warcraft online but I'll stick to traditional tabletop games.

I did some googling to see if there were any surprises - turns out actress Dame Judi Dench is known to be a gamer which I'd had no idea. I also discovered conservative columnist Michelle Malkin to be a gamer. Actor Vin Diesel is known to be a huge D&D fan and is always a delight on film (the man managed to deliver the line "I am Groot" with like a gazillion variations in Guardians of the Galaxy).

I'm going to to give the nod to Stephen Colbert who over the time of Colbert Report slipped many D&D references in. He clearly has some serious geek credibility, easily exchanging lines about Tom Bombadil with Neil Gaiman.

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