#RPGaDay2015 Day 14 - Favorite RPG Accessory II

I've seen a lot of RPG accessories posted today that are not related to gaming products and it got me wondering what sort of item along those lines I'd go for.

I'm a techie. I don't have the absolute latest and greatest toys all the time but I do like my toys. And one thing that makes my life easier is to easily get data on these toys. I tend to prefer digital products nowadays. I have two excellent devices for reading digital gaming products - a Google Nexus 9 and a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. To store all these pdfs and related files I make use of Google Drive. And I also keep my own personal gaming notes - random notes, adventures, maps, writeups, etc. on Google Drive. I run my games using Roll20 embedded in Google Hangouts. I have a Google+ community for my current and past game groups. And I like the collaborative nature of Google+ in general, which has put me in touch with lots of interesting people. So oddly, my favorite RPG accessory of this nature is the tools developed by a giant corporation, Google...


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