#RPGaDay2015 Day 31 - Favorite non-RPG Thing to Come from RPGing

I've already seen a bunch of people post their thoughts on this and I'm going to be boring and echo what I've seen.

For me, the best thing to come out of gaming not related to gaming is the people I've met through it and the friendships I've formed. I've not become friends with everyone I've gamed with - heck I've gamed with a few people who I'd prefer to not associate with again. And there's some who are great people but we didn't quite click outside of gaming- which is human nature. But I've also made some lasting friendships through gaming which I greatly value. People I can talk about families, careers, movies, sports, religion, and other stuff with. People to hang out with. Oddly, as my gaming has become more online in the 21st century I've found that I'm able to form friendships with people whom I'm never met in person. I've experienced a similar phenomenon at work, where though I work near Boston, I associate regularly with people in cities all over the world, from India to Israel to Canada as well as people in different parts of the United States. And sometimes you click with a person. As I think about it, it's not always people I game with - sometimes there's people you meet on forums that you just find yourself chatting more and more with.

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