#RPGaDay2015 Day 28 - Favorite Game You No Longer Play

For this post I have two criteria:

  1. It be a game I used to play a lot
  2. The odds of ever playing it again are small
I'd mentioned the Last Unicorn Games incarnation of Star Trek when discussing my favorite science fiction games. Those games 
have a special place for me. Coming out from 1998 to 2000 they mark the point when I began regularly gaming again. Star Trek was at a high point of its popularity in the 90s and I feel Last Unicorn Games was a great complement to the Star Trek television shows.

There was a great community which formed around these games, centered around the still existing trek-rpg.net site. Gamers discussed ideas, house rules, etc., the writers of the RPGs were regular posters, etc. In 2000, shortly after Wizards of the Coast acquired Last Unicorn Games, the license went to Decipher. Much of the team involved in the LUG incarnation went on to create the Decipher version, which was itself a fine game that I got a bunch of mileage playing, but I do find myself missing the LUG incarnation of the rules.

I'd have to say the odds of playing it again are pretty small. The biggest problem is the books now being long out of print and coming from an era before digital versions being commonplace. One unfortunate aspect of licensed RPGs is after the license expired the old products go out of print and digital versions are pulled. In much the way you can find classic versions of old video games such as the 25th Anniversary Star Trek game, I hope that at some point someone figures out a way to bring back old versions of licensed games. I'd love to see the old LUG Star Trek games come back, as well as games like TSR's Marvel Superheroes, Mayfair's DC Heroes, and West End's Star Wars. 

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