#RPGaDay2015 Day 21 - Favorite RPG Setting

I'm going to narrow this down a bit to cover settings just created for a game and exclude licensed settings and slightly modified versions of Earth.

As someone who gamed back when old school stuff was new, I remember the original versions of settings like TSR's Forgotten Realms. My default game setting was usually World of Greyhawk. I'd still gladly set games there.

That said, I really enjoyed Wizards of the Coast's Eberron Campaign Setting, especially in its original incarnation. It really hit a lot of criteria that I enjoy. It didn't feel like a world that had no room for the players to do important things. It took place in the aftermath of a major war with a strong feeling another one is coming, giving a bit of the feel you get in 1920s/1930s Earth with high action, airships, and lightning rail trains. It had an awesome fantasy city, the city of Sharn, something like a miniature medieval Coruscant.

It did a great job creating realms with interesting rulers, avoiding the supreme black hats as well as ultimate forces for good. And it really took what magic in a D&D setting would be like and ran with it - not going for magic purely replacing technology or having everyone be a wizard, but allowing it to have a major effect on the campaign setting. Eberron felt like a world that was just waiting for the characters to adventure in it. [And as an addition after posting, a player in my game reminded me of the most important fact about it- it had dinosaurs!!!]

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