#RPGaDay2015 Day 2 - Kickstarter game most pleased you backed

Looking over my Kickstarter history I'm seeing a lot of games there. 

For pleased, I'm going to go with both satisfaction I get in getting the product as well as the satisfaction I get in knowing I played a part in making it available.

There's two I'm going to mention. The first is Purple Sorcerer's Crawler's Companion, a set of tools for Dungeon Crawl Classics, usable online, on iOS, and on Android. It's a fantastic set of tools - dice rollers, table lookups, character generators, etc. I splurged in backing this one, going way more the basic level as it was something I really wanted to see made available and though I haven't done a ton of DCC gaming, every time I do I make use of this product and I take pride in knowing I played a part in adventurers for something like a million generated DCC characters... Jon Marr developed a great tool for DCC and I'm glad I played a small role in allowing him to make it widely available. (And it's neat knowing one of the wizard images in it is based on a wizard from a game I ran back in the 80s and 90s!)

The other Kickstarter I get a lot of pride from having backed is Evil Hat's Fate Core. I liked what I saw in their Dresden Files and Spirit of the Century games but with Fate Core they delivered a very playable narrative game with an excellently written and produced rulebook. There were a ton of stretch goals that were all met and the stretch goals were all things they were able to achieve - a ton of product was produced as a result of this Kickstarter. It's also what got Dresden Files Accelerated onto their production queue, a game I can't wait to see. Fred Hicks also is excellent when it comes to customer service. The Fate Kickstarter was one that was marked with open and constant communications, both before and after the end of pledging. He made certain people were constantly aware of the status of the main product and its stretch goals. I'd encountered him originally back when he was helping run Indie Press Revolution and when I had a problem with an order he was responsive and helpful. And he delivered here as well, managing a Kickstarter with over 10,000 backers, meeting tons of stretch goals, and delivering a set of quality products.

A few honorable mentions:
  • Goodman Games' Metamorphosis Alpha - one of the most impressive RPG books I own
  • Atlas Games' Feng Shui - Great game, delivered on time (and in some cases actually before the advertised date)

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