#RPGaDay2015 Day 7 - Favorite Free RPG

Free? Free is good.

I think we can ignore scurvy pirates. Most RPGs are available for "free" if you're willing to go to some sketchy sites and be willing to justify doing so to yourself. Rather we'll be focusing on free RPGs that the creators intended to be free...

I'm also going to be focusing on free complete games, not free teasers or introductions.

For this, I'm going to go back to Evil Hat's Fate Core RPG. You can go to RPGNow right now and get yourself a copy of it and pay absolutely nothing for it. That is a great deal. You get an absolutely complete game that you can use for years.

I'll also give a few honorable mentions.

  • Stars Without Number - A game I'm itching to try someday - almost went with it in place of our current Star Wars game. Kevin Crawford's games do a lot better than tell you "oh set your game in a sandbox" - they give you a ton of tools and awesome backgrounds to do so. In Stars Without Number you are adventuring in the ruins of a once great interstellar civilization.
  • Mini Six -  While the D6 System itself is available free as well, Mini Six boils the D6 system down to its essentials in a small number of pages. I've taught many people how to game using the D6 Star Wars game and I think this system would work rather well to do so and also work fine for veterans.
  • Swords and Wizardry - All the incarnations (White Box, Core, Complete) are available for free. The most common old school clone RPG, mimicking the original D&D rules.
  • Labyrinth Lord- While illustrated versions of the game cost money, a no-frills version of this Basic/Expert D&D clone is available for free.

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