#RPGaDay2015 Day 29- Favorite RPG Website/Blog

I'm not certain I have a must-visit RPG website anymore. I still do the occasional peeks at rpg.net and yog-sothoth.com.

Oddly I probably visit Google+ for most of my gaming collaboration. I've got a pretty broad group people in my circles and am a member of numerous communities. I know Google+ gets dinged a lot as a social media site, but I find it excels in bringing people of common interests together. The only negative is if you are a member of many similar communities, you often see the same post multiple times since Google+ does not allow for a single post to appear in multiple communities. Google+ is also a nice play to meet people for online gaming. Some of the people I've met that way I've had a single or a few games with, others I've been gaming with for several years and talk with them outside of gaming.

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