#RPGaDay2015 Day 3 - Favorite New Game of the past 12 months

This topic is a little iffy as one can define both a new game and the past 12 months in some odd ways. For example, is a new edition of a game a new game? And in what form does it need to be? For example, Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition became available digitally last November, though I'd had a backer preview for several months. And the physical books are still pending.

I think it's reasonable to go by the date the game became generally available in some form. But I'll cheat a little. First, we'll go with a new edition. Then we'll give a truly new game. And finally we'll stretch 12 months to mean a bit more than 12 months. Timey-wimey...

Overall I'll go with Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. I did a brief review of it a while back and since then I've gotten some mileage playing it. It plays easily, retains compatibility with previous versions of the game, and adds some much needed modern conventions to the game without changing things for the sake of change. The PDF version gives me hopes for a gorgeous physical product that I'm looking forward to despite my now going primarily digital for my gaming.

I'm also going to give an honorable mention to Cubicle 7's Lone Wolf Adventure Game. Back in middle school my friends and I got a ton of mileage out of the Lone Wolf books. Mongoose tried two incarnations of Lone Wolf - one a d20 game and the other a pretty much straight out adaptation of the very simple rules in the original gamebooks. Cubicle 7 took those rules as a starting point but added a bunch of options easy to bolt on for more experienced gamers. Like Call of Cthulhu, Lone Wolf is still awaiting its physical incarnation but the digital incarnation is a sight to behold.

If I stretch time a little bit I'd add that last year's Atomic Robo is one of my absolute favorite RPGs period,  up there with Call of Cthulhu. Fate Core is a great game. What Atomic Robo does is say "here is how you do it,  now go play!!!" Unfortunately the game set me back a ton of money as I went on to buy every Atomic Robo comic...

And for good measure, I'll add that Mage: 20th Anniversary and Feng Shui both look like a ton of awesomeness, though I've not had much time to go through them.

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