Introducing the Brooklyn Ghostbusters

After some initial training at the Ghostbusters HQ in Manhattan, our bold Ghostbusters have been asked to relocate and open up their franchise. It certainly has nothing to do with them nearly burning down the apartment building at 66666 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn (writeup for that forthcoming).

Our game has been established as taking place in 1985 - it's now August of 1985 in our game. The team is officially opening their franchise in Brooklyn. There's two prime pieces of real estate up for consideration. There's the Miami Vice route of living off a boat at a pier - perhaps in Sheepshead Bay (my grandfather and I used to walk to Sheepshead Bay from his house on Avenue W). And then there's the possibility of opening the franchise at the Kings Plaza Mall. Though as another member of the group has pointed out (also born in Brooklyn, left at an early age, but still had family there), parking is a royal pain in the ass at Kings Plaza.

Sheepshead Bay

Kings Plaza

Where are the "real" Ghostbusters and why are they ok with a franchise so close? I just don't see Venkman wanting to do a day-to-day job. And Egon would like to do soulless science stuff. So they will be perfectly content to collect franchise fees and let this franchise do all the hard work. Plus, should we start pushing the timeline a bit, the original Ghostbusters have a restraining order in their future, per Ghostbusters II.


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