#RPGaDay Day 15: Best Source of Inspiration for RPGs

Generally speaking, for me the best inspiration is books. I'm definitely a bibliophile. One of the best parts of my commute is the ability to listen to an audiobook for an hour - a half hour on the way to work, a half hour on the way back. Between walking and running during the day I can usually get another hour in easily. Plus I'm often reading digital books as well - more for pleasure between semesters, as during the academic year I'm busy reading books about data science...

I read from a variety of genres - history, religion, horror, science fiction, nautical, classic literature, fantasy, etc. Sometimes what I read winds up being "research" - learning about the Prohibition era comes in handy for Call of Cthulhu games. Other times the inspiration will strike tangentially - a science fiction short story providing an idea for a Star Trek adventure, a villain's mannerisms providing inspiration, etc.

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