#RPGaDay 2016 Day 2 - Best game session since August 2015

I suppose it's a good sign that my favorite session over the past year is also the most recent - a Ghostbusters game.

Like I mentioned in the writeup for that session, we've been having some hiccups with attendance of late - real life and all that. Icons has been a bit tough to keep going with variable turnout. I'd been thinking about perhaps Star Wars D6 in the autumn and the groups been talking about Ghostbusters what with the new movie... So we figured a one-shot might be in order. We thought we'd only have three players plus GM (our group is five plus GM) but as it turned out we only had two but had one of those "what the hell let's go for it". It wound up being a ton of fun.

What worked? To begin, I think we were all in the right mood for a something a little bit silly and everyone just dove into character. It didn't help that two out of the three of us lived in Brooklyn once upon a time, really helping with the accents (and the third did a great accent too - note that gread does not necessarily mean accurate...) Also, one of the great virtues of all the D6 games is you just play them - it's a characteristic they share with the BRP family of games - and not coincidentally, the two games were designed by many of the same people. I'm coming to the conclusion the Ghostbusters is a rather underrated game. The whole lack of an elegant turn system, damage system, etc. always bugged me a little bit, causing me to favor the slightly more advanced Ghostbusters International RPG. Some old timers embrace White Box D&D, I seem to be embracing Ghostbusters.

Like I said previously, I don't think I could pull off an extremely long campaign with it, but I think we'll be doing a few more sessions - the main game contains a bunch of adventures and I have some of the old adventure modules as well. It'll be a nice change of pace as a digest some recent Kickstarters that I'm giving some serious thought to for our next "serious" campaign.

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