#RPGaDay 2016 Day 16: Historical Person I'd Like in My Group? For What Game?

I gotta be honest... There's a lot of historical people I'd love to meet. But I imagine after sitting down with the likes of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Augustus Caesar, etc. I'd probably be talking about stuff other than gaming.

So for gaming I'm probably wanting to be with someone more from the arts. I'll stay clear of recent figures... I think I'd really love to play in a game with Jules Verne as the GM - can you imagine the settings and adventures he'd build. That man had such an imagination.

Verne was definitely a simulationist type of person - he was definitely a believer in the possible. I don't think he'd go for a narrative system like Fate. I'm thinking the man was definitely a GURPS gamer... We will not be playing steampunk though - I suspect he'd roll his eyes at that. We will be playing 19th century technothrillers of course.

We'll close with Robin Williams hanging with Jules Verne...

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