#RPGaDay Day 17: What Fictional Character Would Best Fit in My Group?

Let's see... We'll want someone who is not supremely intense - able to have a laugh while gaming. But not someone who is a total goofball. (Hey spellcheck accepted the word "goofball". Good to know.) No hateful beliefs. Someone who isn't shy but also doesn't need to dominate everything. Plus if he or she is already a gamer...

I'm thinking for my first choice I'm going to go with Harry Copperfield Dresden of The Dresden Files. Dude is a gamer already. Despite being a supremely talented wizard in "real life" he is perfectly comfortable playing a barbarian. And I'd love to try some of the brew from McAnally's Pub. The only caveat is he is remote. Chicago is only an hour behind us so in theory Roll20 would be an option but in actuality, he seems to have a negative effect on any technology much beyond that of the mid-20th century. I'm guessing he and a virtual tabletop would not get along very well..

I suppose if he couldn't make it due to technology problems some others on his crew would be fun as well. I wonder if Molly Carpenter or Waldo Butters would like to join us...

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