#RPGaDay 2016 Day 4: Most Impressive Thing Another's Character Did

I'm usually the GM so I'm always focused on other characters... Truthfully, in almost every game I walk away impressed. I'm a big believer in embracing the surprised GM and I've been fortunate to have players who often surprise the hell out of me. It might be that I'm not that bright and am therefore easily surprised, but I don't think so.

Sometimes the surprise is in awesome characterization - droids fighting against biological oppressors, haunted artists slowly losing their sanity fighting the Mythos... Sometimes it's an intelligent use of abilities at just the right time, like a ranger charming a T-Rex, bypassing a climactic encounter. Sometimes it's just a hysterical die roll, like an archer shooting across an arena to take out a foe everyone else had been bashing at for rounds. Sometimes it's awesome goofiness - "The goblin king? The goblin king!"

I'm kinda copping out because to be honest I can't think of one single event - every game features my masterplans spread to the four winds by instances of awesomeness.

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