#RPGaDay Day 12: What Game is My Group Most Likely to Play Next? Why?

I just recently posted some of the shininess that's calling to me but I'll try to narrow it down a bit.

For at least a little while we're going to be playing some Ghostbusters. Given the number of times I've mentioned thinking it's a short-term game, I'll be rather amused if we're still playing this a year from now...

However, in all honesty I do think this will be more of a mini-campaign, though perhaps one that can be revisited from time to time when we're in the mood for something on the goofy side.

I've been thinking a lot about Lovecraftian horrors a lot of late, which makes a game of Call of Cthulhu or Delta Green up there in possibility. I really like some of the additions that Delta Green brings to the table - beyond your sanity being at risk, it maps out the way your whole life can fall apart. Cheerful stuff.

Playing Ghostbusters has really brought back my appreciation for the D6 System and with that in mind a Star Wars campaign involving the Rebel Alliance using the one of the old Star Wars games has a lot of appeal.

I'd mentioned Traveller recently and I've been checking out the new Mongoose incarnation of the game. I've had my issues with a number of previous Mongoose products but they seem to have done a first rate job with this new incarnation of the game. Should we want out own science fiction universe this would be a likely way to go.

If I were to bet I'd be betting on Star Wars, but I'd not count out any of those.

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